Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yeah, Imma make you see this from my side

Should the evidence of out-of-the-ordinary observations always be voiced? think not! But then, shortly after coming to that conclusion, one gets rhis sense of determination that says "I'm going to make you see this from my perspective one way or the other". In doing so you forget to keep your composure and calm tone because your focus on that one mission has became so detriment. The other person or people involved cannot see where you are trying to go with what is bothering you because they have now taken on the attitude you have or have otherwise withdrawn themselves from the engagement of the conversation from the feeling of your great intensity. But, because you caused some to have attitudes and get defensive, your mission loses more focus because it has now become an arguement; one that could have been avoided if you had just never said anything at all.

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